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    Default Emergency brake stuck

    I have a 2006 mustang GT, I set the emergency brake and know it will not release!!! has does anyone had this problem or know what mightg have caused it? thought if i could fix myself i would if not off to the Ford dealer it goes.
    Thanks for any help.

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    If you dont normally use the parking brake, things may have become a bit corroded inside the cables. Also, the rear parking brake applies the pads to the caliper, they work on a spring mechanism on the caliper itself. You may be able to push the lever back that actuates the parking brake. I would grab on to the cable under the car and give it a good yank to see if it breaks it loose again. If not, try having someone hold the parking brake handle down while you push the lever on the calipers back. Its hard to explain on here how they work, should be pretty self explanatory when you take a look. The parking brake should be used everytime the car is parked, it adjusts the rear caliper piston helping with keeping the pedal firm and making sure you get even wear from the rear pads. Good luck!

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    You just have to pull up on it harder, until you can push the button in. Or ask your girl friend to do it, Relax, just kidding. You wouldn't be able to drive it to the dealer anyway.

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    I believe there was a TSB from ford and they were replacing the E-Brake cable on 2005 and 2006 year's. water seems to be getting into the cables and causing them to rust. Call Ford and check.

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