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    Default Detailed Car With NuFinish, now have an issue and a question.

    I washed my black car with the usual process of turtle wax soap then dried it and applied a coat of NuFinish polish. It comes in an orange can available at wal-mart. It did a nice job of removing my swirl marks but now it seems to have left a heavy film of which you can see the patern of how i applied it. I went over it a number of times with my cloth but it will not remove the haze. It says it polishes and waxes in 1 step but Do I need to add a coat of wax to cover up what it left behind or did I do something wrong? Help please

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    ummm what the hell did you use that stuff for.... you need to start all over... wash your car with dawn and then use clay bar and a reputable wax... a little work but well worth the effort

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    Ditto, only time I use Nu Finish is the scratch doctor, and then I rewash clay bar and use a good wax
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    I use the NuFinish all the time on my Honda-Car. Works like a champ and lasts a long time.

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    Yea I know it is cheap stuff, it worked really well excet for the haze and this morning I got up and buffed it some more and it cleared alot of it up. i think maybe It is the humidity here in southeast gerogia that effected it. Either way I am going to wash it again and do the clay bar and wax and hopefully the swirl marks stay away for a bit.

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