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    Default Ticking noise and tire wear

    So a couple of days ago, I noticed a ticking noise coming from my front driverside tire. I only notice the noise when I turn right into a parking spot at my apartment. Almost sounds like a rock in my tires. Well, I checked my tires and noticed uneven tire wear on my front driverside tire. I also noticed the strut on the passengers side is defective. What else could cause this tire wear?

    This is of the front passengers side which is fine.

    This is of the front drivers side tire, notice the tire wear on the left hand side.

    This is a close-up of the drivers side tire

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    Looks like a toe-out issue with the driver's side. Negative camber would do that, but not to that extent.

    Have an alignment shop take a look -- they will probably find out what the "tick" is also.
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    Alright, thanks. I'm gonna replace the strut today after work and then get it realigned tomarrow or tuesday. Hopefully it's just this strut causing it.

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    Toe would cause both tires to wear, as it is a self centering alignment angle, no matter which tire is toeing out, they will equalize and equally wear the tires. Looks to me like a negative camber issue, especially since it is only on one side. As for the ticking noise, if you have factory parts, you may find that a joint has dried up or something like that....make sure you check the ball joints, cars that have been lowered, or have bigger tires then factory are hard on them...good luck!

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    ticking could be a rock/nail in the tire.
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    I fixed the problems. The ticking noise was a bad wheel bearing and the tire wear was just bad alignment.

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