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    Question car jerks to the side?

    ok, this is a new one on me. when im going down the road at 55-65 and i hit a bump the car jerks to the side. i noticed earlier that it was doing a .......torque sway thing, when im getting hard on the gas it pushes to the left then when i let of to shift it goes to the right, then back to the left. i cat avoid the bumps as the roads here are riddled with them i know i need new shocks but would that cause the car to act like that?

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    Ok the problem your having is pretty common, When your hitting bumps the rear end is shiffting position and causeing the car to fishtail a little this is caused by the poor design and location of the stock upper control arms, most people can live with this but when the upper control arm bushings start to wear out the problem gets much worse.

    There are a few was to fix this

    -cheap with no performance increase-Get new RUBBER bushings for your upper arms
    (do not get urathane bushings or aftermarket upper arms with urathane bushings both are a waste of money and will make the car handle worse)

    -more expensive but much better-Get new rubber bushings from ford racing and a MM panhard bar

    -Best- gett the MM torque arm system that elimanates the stock upper arms altogeather

    -other- swap in IRS
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