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    Default Crush Sleeve Eliminator?

    I'm not the smartest when it comes to mechanics so forgive me if this is a dumb question...

    Does someone sell a gear kit that comes with a crush sleeve eliminator for an 8.8?

    And if so, is that better than say these kits from


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    Well apparently they are called "Bearing Spacers".

    Someone please let me know if this should work in place of the crush sleeve? Or if it's a good/bad/better idea?

    Thank you.

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    I guess that would be for racing where you are changing gear set regularlly. Like maybe road course or auto cross? I am not sure there is any real advantage if you are installing gears that you plan to keep in your car for any length of time. I installed my gears myself and did not have a problem with the crush sleeve. My car was low miles at the time of gear install though. The purpose of the sleeve is to get the bearing tension or tightness consistent to what the factory wanted them to be. Just a matter of figuring out what torque to use with the spacer instead of the crush sleeve i guess?

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    there is such a thing as a solid crush sleeve (and yes it's actually a spacer if truth be told). The stocker crushes to set pre-load. You see the solid kind a lot in racing applications. Downside is they won't crush and pinion bearing pre-load is a little trickier to set. Upside, it won't crush which my rear end builder seemed to like for cars that get launched. The Linked part from summit appears the be for this application. I would call up your local driveline shop and ask them to verify.

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